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Privacy and Confidentiality

Skagit Behavioral Health and each of our contracted therapists holds confidentiality of client information as a top priority. Your personal therapy and all identifying information will be kept confidential, except when you have given permission for us to release specific information, or under limited circumstances when disclosures are legally required. (See below and HIPPA for more details).

Mental health professionals have been bound by professional ethical standards of privacy long before the HIPPA laws were enacted which now govern all areas of health care delivery. We feel strongly that confidentiality is important in order for our clients to be able to safely and honestly discuss private personal concerns.

Information about you and your care will be maintained according to the Health Information Privacy and Portability Act of 1999 (HIPPA) (click here if you would like to review more detailed information on the HIPPA Privacy Practices Law). You may either review this on this website or request a paper copy at the time of your intake session. You will be asked at that time to sign a statement acknowledging that you have had an opportunity to review our Notice of HIPPA Privacy Practices.

In the vast majority of cases, no information about you or your care will be released to any other person without your written consent. You may instruct your therapist about what, if any, information you may want your therapist to discuss with outside parties, such as you family members, physician, or attorney.

Legally required disclosures of otherwise confidential mental health information include:

  • Suspected abuse or neglect of a minor child or disabled adult
  • Imminent risk of serious bodily harm to yourself or other persons
  • Inability to care for yourself so severe that you are in grave danger of bodily harm

Each therapist has an individual "Office Policy " or "Disclosure Statement" which is specific to his or her practice. Your therapist will provide you with a copy of this document at or prior to your first appointment, You will have an opportunity to review it and ask questions about any particular policies, as well as to discuss any concerns you may have about confidentiality or other policy issues.

Notice of HIPPA Privacy Practices

Click here to read the Notice of HIPPA Privacy Practices.